enable Terminal headebars

Terminal in GNOME 3.32 release finally got a Headerbars option, and is exactly that, an option that isn't even default!! GNOME Terminal usptream is Titlebars!? distros that ship GNOME will most likely enable that, but if not, here how to do it!

{update} basically GNOME Terminal can understand the running environment, so if it is GNOME it will use headerbars; Fedora just hasnt update that {/update}

and i post that first to add some content on the blog (ha!) and second b/c Silverblue 30 currently uses Titlebars, that i can only assume they will change it on the final release

default Terminal with titlebars

for start you need DConf-Editor; you can get that from Flathub

flatpak install ca.desrt.dconf-editor

but the problem is that Flatpak won't be able to see the keys, and speaking of which there is a work in progress for sandboxing settings for Flatpak apps

so you need to layer it

sudo rpm-ostree install dconf-editor

restart (dont ever livefs!) and then open DConf Editor on


and set {headerbar:true}

or directly from GSettings w/o install Dconf-Editor

gsettings set org.gnome.Terminal.Legacy.Settings headerbar true

close and re-open Terminal to see the changes!!

Terminal with headerbars

again, im super positive that we eventually wont need that on Silverblue, and it will default on Headerbars, but just in case you have Sb already, or Arch that keeps things upstream and you didnt know that!!

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please share whatever Silverblue and GNOME news i missed; here or community so i can blog about!!

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