GNOME Lollypop Vs KDE Plasma :p

today Lollypop had a 1.0 release and it is available on Flathub already; and many gratz to gnumdk!!

i'll travel back to time but not very far, just a few months ago when i was used to listen to music exclusively in YouTube. my addiction to YouTube was so enormous that i had said that music was invented in 2005 when YouTube was launched!.. and it was hardly a joke

and then something weird happened! i got completely enchanted by anime music!! in fact i was firstly started to listen to anime music, and then i was actually started watching animes!! now both have grown to a passion, that i passed to my girlfriend too :p

outcome of all those was me torrenting anime soundtracks, but then i was needing a way to play them; a music app sort of thing for local files

Hey, Lollypop! fix this! fix that!

under music player reviews for Linux you might have seen comments like "dah! yet another music player!" ..allow me to disagree! there arent native music players for Linux, neither for GNOME or Plasma; to be more precise what exists is so bad, that is same as not existing at all!! ..thats my pov ofc!

featuring a new sidebar and we can finally navigate!!

tried many apps including Electron and all were a disaster!! meanwhile Windows 10 have some super cool native music players that are also open source, but the problem is that im using GNOME :p

i was completely devastated and disappointed but desperate times require desperate measures, so i thought to try give some feedback on Cédric Bellegarde, propose him some changes, hopping he would implement

unexpectedly that went much better than i could ever have imagine!! Cédric implemented all my requests in the best possible way!! and most impressive than this, he did it like instantly!!

the end of the story was that Lollypop got transformed to a completely new app, and now is almost perfect for me, and i consider it the most improved GNOME app in 2019! this nomination probably belongs to GNOME Builder 3.32, but since i dont do GTK development im giving it to Lollypop!

piece of advice! if you encounter bugs or UI things you don't like, open a bug report! you will get surprised how cool Centric is, and may see your issues get fixed in seconds!!

Whats new on Lollypop 1.0?

it REALLY plays music! thats new!! ..and that is seriously my full feedback!! perhaps i would like to handle better the non-album files, that was an issue i had b.a (before anime), but all anime torrent music comes in collections anyway!

clicking on an album finally put us inside album view, that we can also see other albums from the same artist!

Lollypop Vs Plasma

are you still wondering how Plasma is related to Lollypop? it is very simple! Lollypop had always a very active developing and "improvements" but in the end of the day, it was always remaining a huge UX mess, that even after hours of use i couldn't really use it; i was even clicking buttons that were doing stuff, that i couldn't even tell whats happening! thats not the case anymore!

there is YouTube / Spotify integration, that has some issues ..but i dont use that anyway!

every Plasma is the same

similar to Lollypop Plasma has very active development, and on releases notes we see a long list of fixes and changes, but when we actually try it, NOTHING HAS CHANGED, and all major issues are still there!! in fact i believe that someone who didn't like Plasma 5.0 for the one or the other reason, they wont like Plasma 5.16 either, because on real action it feels like nothing's different..

..apart typical bug fixes! i give that to Plasma! it is now a very reliable (stable) desktop, but this isn't something to be exactly proud of; this is the least a user can expect after 20 years of development :/

there is an equalizer, and a brand new menu! basically it is a whole new app! get it, and try it!!

by "Plasma" i mostly mean the Plasma Shell that i regularly try on their Kde Neon images, that are supposed to be the best implementation, and i dont even know where to start from:

their totally unset shortcuts? the grid workspaces? the "Alt" modifier that makes impossible to use any app (Blender, Gimp, Inscape, Krita, Gravit ..all design apps), the translucency effect on DnD? the floating full screen main menu?? tabs on bottom on Terminal b/c? ..and many more!! some things are customizable, but some aren't, but the bottom line is awful first impressions and it won't scale super in a long run either

KDE may have some valid complains why all major Linux vendors (Red Hat, Canonical, Endless, System76 etc) have gone with GNOME so they lose in community support, but to be cynical it wasn't even a choice. KDE isn't a choice for most people, which is a big shame because their building tools (Qt) are more "complete" than GNOME's, so they could do more things, faster

anyway! this story-like article is coming to the end! i only wish Plasma to follow Lollypop example and make a UI refactoring and solve real UX issues; and again many many gratz and thanks to Centric for his work!!

sent from my Silverblue 30 and GNOME 3.32 :p

did you read smth terrible wrong?

it is you fault!! you should correct it on comments, so i will fix it!

do you know smth more?

please share whatever Silverblue and GNOME news i missed; here or community so i can blog about!!

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