This blog will explode :)

unfortunately the Ghost CMS experiment didn't go very well, and it will be substituted with the old WordPress we all love to hate :)

there is a running WP on that i will move here inside the weekend, and will hopefully officially launched :p

it may doesn't seem, but i spent lots lots of hours setting all things up, and everything was going wrong for one reason or another; like when i was trying for 4-5hrs to figure out why i was getting a 503, just because Chrome caching ..even on private session :/

point is that this blog will self-destruct :)

did you read smth terrible wrong?

it is you fault!! you should correct it on comments, so i will fix it!

do you know smth more?

please share whatever Silverblue and GNOME news i missed; here or community so i can blog about!!

sharing is caring :)