Based on true events! When I come back from Windows 10 to GNOME, the graphics look like a decade back. One reason is Windows 10 visual effects (like lightnings) and specially the motion graphics, when in GNOME Apps there isn’t much of animation, other than some boring sliding and fading, and even that doesn’t look realistic. It is mostly linear, and anyway, GTK 3.0 can’t do much, so hopefully GTK 4.0 will change that

Of course it isn’t just about Windows 10 Vs GNOME. For example going from Google Web Calendar, to GNOME Calendar App, it again shows the problem with the outdated GNOME graphics

An issue though that is easy for GNOME to improve, is the color selections, plus some bordering and shadows. Usability side, I consider GNOME apps top notch, at least by design, because features side, things aren’t exactly “super”, but exclusively Visual Side, things aren’t “cute” at all

In comparison to Windows 10, GNOME has a huge advantage, namely HeaderBars, that can create extremely beautiful results, if they are implemented right

Anyway, this is a fast demo made with GTK Inspector, to illustrate how a GNOME app can easily look a bit more modern, by unifying the main content with headerbars, something that elementary does on a large degree already

Notable Replies

  1. The image lightbox thing you use doesn’t work for me (in Firefox Nightly at least). If I click any of the images, I only see the last one. It still says there are 3 images, but they are all the same.

  2. oops! it doesn’t work for me either! basically i had made it for Ghost CMS and i quickly changed it for WordPress, and I didnt notice was broken! Thanks, I will fix it later!!

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